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The New Approach: Sitcom Master Class

3-Camera Intensive With Emmy®-Winning Director Mary Lou Belli

PART I – Thursdays, August 9, 16, 23 & Monday, August 27; 7:30p-10:30p
PART II – Saturday & Sunday, September 15 & 16; 10a-6p
(You must have taken Part I and “graduated” to be eligible for Part II)

$300 for each Part (payment in advance reserves spot in class)

Television Director, Producer, and Author MARY LOU BELLI knows funny. Comedy is harder than drama – the timing, the fast pace, the rhythm – it is truly an art form. Comedic timing is something that can be learned and Mary Lou is an expert who can teach you how to best utilize your comedic talents.

The one-two punch of this course is a fantastic chance to practice your sitcom rhythm and timing, in the context of comedy exercises & scenes on camera. It’s all about mastering the technique of working on sitcoms – from an Emmy® Award-winning television director – and it’s fun!

In Part I, you will focus on the techniques of sitcom comedy – coursework will include:
•Drills & Exercises To Find The Joke – Practice, Practice, Practice Makes Perfect
•Learn By Watching The Best – Study How The Stars Of Current Sitcoms Do It
•Mock Sitcom Auditions – Handle The Comedy Material Your Given In Order To Book The Job
•On-Camera Work – Mary Lou Will Block & Direct You In Scenes With Actual Sitcom Scripts

Part II involves two solid days of ADVANCED sitcom work, and will include the following:
•Rehearse & Shoot Real Sitcom Scenes Using 3 Cameras (With A Switcher)
•Mary Lou Will Direct The Scenes And Call Cues, Just Like A Real Set
•Material Will Be Edited It Live As You Work – See Playback And Get Critiqued.
•All Class Participants Work Multiple Times – Apply What You Learn From Scene To Scene.



If you love comedy or just want to add to your acting arsenal, Mary Lou Belli’s Sitcom Master Class is a must take. Join us for an intense, jam-packed, knowledge-filled 2-part course– equipped with loads of laughs. Benefit from Mary Lou’s years of experience and become a stronger, funnier actor.


Call (323) 988-1175 or email info@studiocartists.com to sign up.
Limited enrollment! All major credit cards accepted.

Louder! Faster! Funnier!!!
Laughter is good medicine and TV has provided the sitcom to administer that medicine.

Comedy is like having a ball thrown at you. You have got to catch it and throw it back – otherwise it hits you in the head, bounces on the floor a few times, and the game is over. You’ve got to be smart enough to know where the jokes are and skilled enough to make them land. It’s all about timing and trusting your instincts. Even though comedy is instinctual, the craft of comedy must be honed. That’s where Mary Lou comes in. She will share with you the secrets behind successful situation comedy… what goes on behind the camera to create a great sit-com.

Sitcoms have their own rules, vocabulary, and exercises. In this class, you will:
•Start with understanding the basics of a joke and comedic timing.
•Find out why K’s and P’s are funny letters.
•Observe how comedy travels in “3’s”.
•Learn to avoid adding “handles”.
•Discover why “embellishing” can ruin joke.
•…And much, much more.

Mary Lou will teach you how to identify the jokes in a script and give you audition tips/advice for getting the job.

There is a real artistry involved in bringing sitcom material to life. The stakes are so high in sitcom, you have to come to the set already knowing your job – there is little room for on-the-job training.